Here are answers to some of the most common questions asked by our clients.

Simply click on ‘Forgot my password’ on the login section of the site and follow the prompts.

No. But you can open a new account with your preferred base currency.

Yes, you can. Simply contact support indicating your account number as well as your desired new leverage level. One of our representatives will assist you.

You can fund your account using your local currency, but the base currency of the account can only be in USD, EUR and GBP.

In the event that you wish to change any of your account details information, please contact our support team who will assist you with the process.

Of course! Feel free to review our “Account Types” page, and if you have any questions our customer support team would be happy to help.

Yes, you can upgrade your account type if you meet the criteria. To change your account type, please contact customer support or your account manager.

Yes, you can but you will require the full authority and consent of your spouse. You will also be required to have all the relevant passwords. You may need to contact us so that we can verify your status directly with your spouse.

We require 2 documents for account verification: POI and POA. For POI (Proof of Identity), we accept a colored copy of a government-issued identification document, such as an ID card or passport; and for POA (Proof of Address), we accept a document dated not more than 3 months which shows your full name and full address that matches your trading account registration details. This can include a bank statement or utility bill.

As a provider of financial services globally, CCC-Trade is bound by international KYC (know your customer) and anti-money laundering guidelines. We need to also ensure the safety of your financial information and personal information at all times.